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During these exceptional times we have decided to restrict the number of our warehouse team working at the same time which has resulted in a reduction on the number of orders we can process daily. 

We are proud to offer a five working day delivery service to give you the assurance that when your goods are ordered that’s one less thing to worry about.


April 2020 - Why do we feel the need to stockpile?

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grow, we looked at the psychology of panic buying.

A lot can change in a month. Rewind to a few Friday's ago and I was sat here writing about brunches, while planning to fit in as many as we could as the first signs of Spring appeared. This week, I'd be lucky if I even managed to buy the basics for a brunch right now.

Across the country, people are taking panic buying to a new level so supermarkets are placing heavy restrictions on the essentials. And yet people still just can’t stop, despite all the advice coming at us from the government. So what is driving this?

We are not rational beings, our brains use cues to make quick decisions and as anxiety levels rise, we become even more instinctive.

Enter the toilet roll - it quickly became THE thing that everyone focussed on. Basic needs of health and hygiene were heightened and they are extremely bulky on the shelves (so quickly look depleted). Throw in some social media pictures and we get the panic buying situation. But we really do need to try and switch on our more rational brains and listen to the official advice.

It's completely normal to feel a little anxious right now, but panic buying doesn’t help anyone. We're trying our best to continue to deliver the everyday essentials you need… link to everyday essentials