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The Upper Hand- February 2021

The Upper Hand - Takeaway solutions for your business


It is fair to say to that the start to 2021 probably isn’t quite what we were all hoping for! Lockdown #3 has made offering any sort of food and beverage menu a real challenge, and this has left us all zooming in closely on one particular opportunity; takeaway!

There are a number of things to consider if you plan to offer takeaway:

1. Your menu / range
Our advice here is to simplify. Stick to products and recipes that travel well and aren’t too fragile. Keep your menu short and focus on your most popular / signature options to ensure your key customer base is well looked after. Do you need to add sauce sachets and wet-wipes to your next order?

2. Packaging
Getting this right is absolutely critical to ensure a happy eating experience – there is no point serving a fantastic winter-spiced hot chocolate if your customer ends up wearing it instead of drinking it because of the cup. Make sure you use grease-proof paper where needed, add clutches to hot drinks cups unless they are made with double-walls to keep the drink warm without burning your hands etc. Are you choosing sustainable and recyclable packaging where possible?

3. Think about the end-to-end process for your customers – how will they order, pay for and collect their chosen treats? Have you got the right PPE and social distancing process in place to make both your teams and your customers feel safe and well looked after? There is no doubt showing you care now will be remembered fondly when we – hopefully soon – start seeing our way back to face-to-face experiences….

To see how we can help you deliver a great takeaway experience, why not take a look at our Food Packaging and Disposables range.