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During these exceptional times we have decided to restrict the number of our warehouse team working at the same time which has resulted in a reduction on the number of orders we can process daily. 

We are proud to offer a five working day delivery service to give you the assurance that when your goods are ordered that’s one less thing to worry about.


Does your service set you apart?

We all have them. The stories about how you went out for dinner, for a birthday celebration, or just to pick up a few bits in the local store, and whilst the products themselves were fine, the experience was completely tainted by poor customer service. Often, as a result, it stops you going back to that same venue – and you may even tell your friends and family not to either..

Thinking about this in the context of your business, and against the competitive set around you, what is it that makes your business stand out?

  • Could you conduct a bit of formal customer research – maybe a questionnaire or a feedback form on or offline? Or, if you prefer the less formal route, could you chat to a few customers about their experience of dealing with your business and where they might think you could improve?
  • Do you know what your competitors do to stand out? Anything you can learn from their approach
  • Whilst you may be very clear on what good service looks like to your customers, are your teams aware of the importance of this, and appropriately trained to deliver good service?
  • Do you offer any rewards or recognition of team members who provide ‘stand out’ service to help encourage them to go the extra mile?
  • Often, little changes can go a long way. And customers’ service expectations are ever-changing so this is an area, we would recommend needs regular monitoring and tweaking to ensure your business is on the front foot. It is, after all, no different to our own expectations when we are the customer ourselves!