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The Upper Hand - Proposing a toast to 2021

With a new year just around the corner, this time of year often becomes one for reflection – what has been the highlights of 2020, what have we embraced and appreciated and what are we, quite frankly, delighted to kick to the kerb when we cross the threshold into 2021?

I imagine we can all agree that 2020 has been a rollercoaster for all of us, both personally and professionally – and the one thing we have all had to learn is to constantly adapt to the twists and turns that Covid-19 has forced upon us. Key tools to be able to sustain these constant changes include:

1. Ways of working – many businesses have become open to and even supportive of the idea of letting people work from home more where possible, some teams may still be furloughed into the new year, and of course, there is the important consideration of how your decisions here could impact your customers’ experience


2. Agility – there has been very little scope for long-term planning this year. Short term planning with a gaze into the medium term seems to have become the norm, and we have all become a lot more agile for it, adapting how we do things and the pace we do them at – and these could prove critical habits to hold on to, even when the virus finally loses its grip.

3. Creativity – this is not a skill reserved for marketing – but one that applies to range and menu development, customer service, using new tech tools and digital communication platforms. Thinking differently and being open to new ways of doing what we’ve always done are key to not just setting your business apart but to getting weather this storm.

It has been a year of sad stories and unexpected challenges, but also one of communities coming together and businesses looking for innovative ways to support their customers through tough times. As we close the door on the 2020 rollercoaster and enter the new year, the above skills and learning are worth holding on to.
A toast to 2021 – with the hope of peace, health and brighter days ahead.