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Get your bake on over Easter

This time last year, we were all learning to bake banana-bread. With the government’s recent announcement confirming that we are still effectively in lockdown and cannot visit other households until 12th April at the earliest, this year’s Easter will again be restricted with family’s having their children off school and in the house 24/7 during the two week break, and with non-essential retail and hospitality businesses remaining closed.

Whilst the banana-bread craze seems to have settled, baking remains an activity that can help families get through the holiday, and businesses continuing to provide seasonal delivery and take-away options. Here are a few ideas:

1. Delivery / take-away
Put an Easter twist on your menu with hot cross buns or Easter themed cup-cakes decorated with yellow icing and mini chocolate eggs… these are easy to make, and great to use in promotional offers with a tea or coffee, or a children’s treat with a hot chocolate or a juice box. Make sure you think about the packaging so your baking efforts arrive at their destination in top condition, and make a plan now for how you will promote your seasonal treats to your customers…

2. Keeping the kids entertained
With a 2 week break to cover, and little opportunity to go out apart from your daily exercise, or in the garden, family baking provides a great way of keeping the children entertained and maybe learning a few new skills along the way. From simply decorating cookies or cupcakes to completing a recipe from scratch, there are plenty of ways to have fun baking. And once the kitchen is cleared, why not get out a board game or put on a movie, and enjoy the yummy output of your efforts together….

We can help with the key ingredients needed for your baking sessions, and would love for you to share your creations, like our Hot Cross Bun Butter Pudding, with us on Twitter @Catering2You_UK