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100g Everyday Favourites plain flour
2 large eggs
300ml milk
1 tbsp sunflower oil


1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, transfer to a jug for easy pouring.
2. Place frying pan on a medium heat with a drizzle of sunflower oil, wait for the pan to get hot and the oil to become more fluid.
3. Tip frying pan to ensure the whole surface is covered. Empty excess oil into a cup (reuse this oil before every pancake)
4. Pour some of the pancake mix into the frying pan, moving pan around to spread the mixture thinly across the bottom of the pan.
5. Cook until the pancake is golden on the underside and flip over.

Now the best bit….toppings - so many possibilities. Take a look at some options we stock below:

Cadbury Chocolate Spread

Peanut Butter

Golden Syrup

Callebaut Chocolate Callets


Add some berries, strawberries, raspberries.. or just go for a classic sugar and lemon!