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Need 2 Know - Greeting The New Generation

Generation Z are no longer the new kids on the block!

Contrary to popular belief, Generation Z aren't kids. Whilst the youngest of them are 9 years old, the eldest are 19 years old.

This generation are not just the consumers of the future, they are consumers right now and products and services need to learn how to engage with and communicate to them.

This is the first group to grow up as digital natives, to grow up in an age of austerity and in a world of political and financial turmoil. These new consumers are keen to save their money and make the world a better place.


There are four key areas that define Gen Z:

Technology: Known as the first digital natives, they have grown up in a time of rapid technological advancement. Social media and the ability to connect with anyone around the world means this is a generation of global citizens.
Economics: Growing up in an age of austerity and issues such as rising tuition fees has led this generation to increasingly seek employment rather than higher education
Consumers: As a generation, Gen Z are the least brand loyal but prefer to shop with brands that stand for something and align with their values
Social/political: Events such as the Syrian refugee crises, legalisation of same-sex marriage, Brexit and Trump politics, have shaped this generations’ social and political views. As such, Gen Z are seen as smarter, safer, more mature and keen to change the world.

Though this generation are price conscious, they are still willing to spend their money on food - eating out is a higher priority for most youngsters than fashion.
They expect good, healthy food at reasonable prices, something which the eating out sector can really tap into.

Gen Z embrace healthier lifestyles and specialist diets such as Veganism or Flexitarianism are increasingly popular amongst this generation. But this doesn’t mean that indulgent foods are off-limits to this generation!

Outlets can choose to offer a range of dishes or create a whole menu to target specific groups of diners – targeting a smaller audience with more niche interests or specialist diets is a good way to secure loyalty.

Gen Z are the generation most focused on sustainability and ethically sound purchasing, and this translates into their food purchasing decisions.