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Need 2 know - Eating Out - The Rise and Fall

Consumers are still enjoying the luxury of eating out of home but not as often

The frequency of consumers going out to eat has stagnated and the growth in the market is expected to be at a seven year low. However, the value of the market has increased with much of the growth due to the increase in cost.

Dining in at restaurants is usually as a result of celebrations or as an opportunity to socialise. Yet, making the selection on where to go is based on a much stricter criteria.
With the challenges of today's political and economic environment, not everyone has the freedom to enjoy eating out (either to dine in or take out) as often or as easily as previous years. Whilst employment levels are high and there are the first signs of wage growth, consumers continue to be cautious in how they use their leisure budget; they no longer have as much of it and want to make sure it achieves the maximum investment.


According to Mintel, consumers are weighting up the following aspects when deciding on the final eating out destination:

- Quality of food
- Special offers
- Customer service
- Cheapest price
- Hygiene rating
- Healthy menu options
- Options to customise meals
- Brand of outlet
- Vegan options

Getting as many aspects right in a first visit almost guarantees repeat visits. Get them wrong and consumers have a wide repetoire of other outlets to consider and invest in.


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