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Need 2 know - Are we becoming a nation of coffee lovers?

Tea is still the nations favourite drink, but coffee is catching up…

We now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day in the UK*. The high street reflects this addiction as the café culture has boomed. It is fast becoming the new ‘local’ with Gen Z, Millennials, and even the Baby Boomers choosing a coffee over an iced cold beer - so much so, coffee shops are estimated to outnumber pubs by the next decade.**

Instant, white coffee remains the firm favourite, but lattes, flat whites, alternate milks, syrups and iced versions broke onto the scene last year, with Nitro expected to be the next big trend for 2020, along with an influx of coffee-based cocktails.

Even sunglasses are being made from coffee now as the industry becomes more sustainable, there is nothing that can hold this bean back. Afraid to wear it, but want to try something different with your coffee? Use slow roast grounds with vegetables and meat to highlight their earthiness, or use it as a rub with chilli on your favorite cut of meat. Trust us, it works!

As we head into Spring, how about switching up your coffee to an iced version: fill your glass full to the rim with ice, pour room temperature (or chilled) coffee into the glass, fill it almost to the top and then add milk to taste. Want to take it to the next level, add condensed milk and blend to make a frappe!

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*The British Coffee Association
**HIM survey, 2019