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Give beer the boot!

With a whopping 4.2 million people reportedly giving up alcohol last January, there is undoubtedly going to be an increase in demand for booze-free beverages to satisfy those customers craving a selection of non-alcoholic options. Kick off dry January by taking a look at our selection of soft drinks and sparkling beverages to satisfy your taste buds, from the likes of Pepsi, San Pelligrino and Harrogate to name but a few.  

For more inspiration take a look at our Cranberry & Orange Mocktail recipe.


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Choc it out on the 27th Jan!

Who needs an excuse to dive in to a rich, decadent Chocolate cake? Whether you’re a bustling independent coffee shop in the heart of London or a chain of hairdressers throughout the UK, it’s easy to get involved.

Why not get creative and make your very own chocolate creations with our wide selection of store cupboard baking mixes and ingredients including Callebaut dark chocolate callets, Mcdougalls Dark Chocolate Chips and Davinci Chocolate Flavoured Dessert Sauce.

For more chocspiration check out our Chocolate Cupcakes recipe