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"Homemade" Mini Pizzas

These homemade (almost... okay, we cheated slightly!) mini pizzas are the perfect finger/buffet food for an event or why not use them as snack/light option on your menu with a fresh side salad. The best thing is, you can pick any toppings you like, perhaps a veggie option and a meaty option or get a bit creative with some unusual creations.


Ready made pizza dough

Italian Pizza Topping Sauce

Topping suggestions:


Grated cheese


BBQ Chicken



.....the list is endless… 

1. Roll out your pizza dough into small pizza's
2. Using a spoon, spread our Gustoso Italian Pizza Topping over the top of your dough
3. Go crazy! Make a variety of pizzas to suit all your customers wants
4. Follow cooking instructions on your pizza dough packaging